Welcome! We're excited to say we've just printed the third edition of Healing Scriptures. The new book is 75 pages long and contains every scripture we could find on healing and health in the King James Bible. Healing Scriptures is now a beautifully bound paperback. You can highlight, underline, and note which scriptures you have found relevant to your situation. Date them, and use the book to remind you of your victories in God over the years. Because of its easy-to-use, small format, Healing Scriptures fits perfectly in your Bible case, purse, or briefcase to go with you to work, church, and hospital visitations. It also works well in group study, such as Sunday school or Bible study groups.

Healing Scriptures is also available as an e-book! The e-book comes in a downloadable PDF format and is our original workbook form, with space for Notes on each page.

Each section opens with a page to explain some ideas about the scriptures you're studying.

Healing Scriptures
  • The Old Testament introduction gives some helpful insight into the beginning of God's covenant with men.
  • Psalms and Proverbs is prefaced by a discussion of the authors and their purpose in writing those books.
  • The New Testament introduction quickly explains the purposes and content of the four main types of New Testament books, which are the Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, the Epistles, and The Book of the Revelation.
  • Finally, Related Scriptures starts with a summary of the other scripture subjects we included, such as the authority of the believer, faith, the nature of God, redemption, and the way to pray.

The words of Healing Scriptures are simple but true; anyone can read the book, even a child. This book is also perfect for gift-giving, especially to the home bound and elderly. Click here to see some of the scriptures we included in the book.